When Street Food Meets Royal Porcelain White Album

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Royal Porcelain White album is inspired because Eat is An Art makes our famous Thai street food turn into new taste. When we put rice with barbecue pork in a classic design White Album from Royal Porcelain. As if we are creating new experiences for every meal to be more delicious.

The current trend of “street food” is making it’s way into menus in restaurants, hotels, bars and lounges. A sense of destination is a large component in today’s travelers search for an “authentic” dining experience. It is challenging tableware in keeping the “local” while putting these favorites in a modern context. Royal Porcelain White Album, is a simple collection of shapes designed to give a modern touch to the “kitchen to table” trend and presentation of “street food

The Royal Porcelain’s White Album collection, designed by designer Rene Ozorio, is a perfect combination of function, shape, texture and modern design.¬†Today the way we eat has become as important as what we eat. The rittual of eating is social and has entered the consciousness of “lifestyle”. Shape, volume and textures are part of this design language.

The catch phases in the food industry such as “sharing”, “tasting”, and “small plates” are but a few of the new ideas where dineres are embracing the communal experience.


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