Royal Porcelain Product Qualifications

  • One feature of the Royal Porcelain product is heat resistance and microwave safe.


You can warm the food prepared on Royal Porcelain product by putting in the microwave directly. You know? A bowl without patterns or with patterns can be used with microwave. Except the pattern that contains gold or platinum, those cannot put in microwave.

  • About the cleaning of Royal Porcelain product, it is very easy to wash.


Though Royal Porcelain product has been washed very often, the surface of the product remains the same. Royal Porcelain product has been coated and tested again and again. The tips start from just using a sponge to sweep food debris. If there is food debris attached, you just soak in the water for about 30 minutes, then you can wash with regular dish washing liquid by using soft sponge. Then wash the liquid off and dry immediately. You should not use hard scourers and hard water.

  • All Royal Porcelain product has been tested for durable.


Royal Porcelain product can be used for a long time. How tough you use whether impact, rinsing, and storage, the coat surface does not crack. So Royal Porcelain products are hygienic and safe for health.